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In 2002, our family packed up and moved to Canada, all with a dream of recreating the magic of the restaurant Kasim's family started in Jakarta back in the late '70s.

Being one of the best restaurants in Jakarta, our family was hopeful that we could recreate that culinary magic in Edmonton. The dream? Not just to serve up mouth-watering vegan dishes, but to build a tight-knit community of friends and family in our new Canadian hometown. 


Fast-forward two decades, and Padmanadi has become a cornerstone of the local food scene, winning over the hearts (and palates) of vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike.

With a diverse menu featuring vegan dishes from Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian cuisines, Padmanadi has expanded to three locations. The Downtown Edmonton spot—our original gem—is adorned with portraits of our cherished regulars and is usually where you'll find Kasim. Our Southside Edmonton location is your go-to for a quick but tasty meal. And hey, Calgary, we've heard you, and just opened a cozy sit-down restaurant, so more folks can dig into what Padmanadi has to offer!


Our Story

The Portraits

Some of our regulars!

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