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The family moved to Canada in 2002, when they decided to open Padmanadi in hopes of recreating the successful restaurant Kasim’s family founded in the late 70’s in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Being one of the best restaurants in Jakarta, the family hoped this new location would be an equal hit and help them build a community of friends and family in their new hometown of Edmonton while serving delicious vegetarian food.


Over the past sixteen years, the restaurant has indeed built a reputation of being one of the best eateries in town for vegetarians, vegans, and omnivores alike.

Padmanadi is now serving Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, and Indian plant-based dishes out of two locations in the city—their Downtown location, decorated with portraits of their regular diners, and the new Southside location, which focuses on fast-casual dining.


Our Story

The Portraits

Some of our regulars!

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